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Proudly Raised $7,500 
in the live auction! 

Patriotic & Play On Words
"come and take a bourbon" 


early stage polishing below

honoring Zach Jenkins

Because of his passion for people, sports and adventure, this artistic whiskey holder adorned with tiger maple is being donated by the ones who love him. 


"Z-Man" your not forgotten.  

Alicia has helped so many people through Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth and we are honored to celebrate her and Jerold too. 

starting with the very best tiger maple


Pain staking hours turned an iconic "Come and Take It" flag and exquisite tiger maple wood into a work of art.  All for a great cause to help families make their time easier while they go through very difficult health issues with their children.  I am proud to have helped out with this cause. 

If you are interested in learning how I made this, ping me about it and I will walk you through the process.  If your handy, maybe you can make one on your own.  Better yet, someday soon I will make a youtube video showing the process.  As long as you are patient and pay attention to detail, anyone can build one.  

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