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My Mission is Simple: 

  • Deliver Ultra-Premium Patriotic products that match the sacrifice and commitment our military and first responders bring daily around the world. Make them elite, high quality and ultra-premium because that’s what they deserve. 

  • Give as much away as possible!

Meticulous attention to detail, exceptional craftsmanship, and the use of the finest materials is where I live because the noblest professions deserve the best and anyone who is looking to honor their loved ones for retirement, promotion, birthday or holiday, also deserves to have their gift cherished over anything else received. 

May 2024


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Monthly Drawings

February 2024

Steven Coleman Navy.jpg

Steven Coleman
Navy Flag 

November 2023

Eric Jones - Nov23 Winner.jpg

Eric Jones
American Flag

August 2023


Elisa Henkel
For Husband - Retired Navy

May 2023

Gunny Berger - MALS-41 Winner

Gunny Berger
MALS-41 Birthday Ball

February 2023


Shelley White
US Navy - Retired

April 2024

IMG_6357 - edited.jpg

Michelle Gallegoz
USMC Flag 

January 2024

Stacey Lumley-Jan Winner-e.jpg

Stacey Lumley 
Army for her husband

October 2023

Adam Castillo-Air Force-Oct 23 Winner_edited.jpg

Adam Castillo
US AIR FORCE - Veteran

July 2023


Jon Siegel
Tarrant County Constable

April 2023


LT Kristine Stewart
US Navy - Retired

January 2023


Micaiah Barboza
Texas Army National Guard

March 2024

Rob Arias.jpg

Robert Arias
American Flag

December 2023


Ricardo Wong
Police Flag

September 2023


Ouida Anders
USMC for her grandson

June 2023


Crystal Barton
Texas Army National Guard

March 2023


Ian Harrison
US Air Force

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