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I am an artisan who has been creating things for a long time.  I really came into my own when I became inspired with the Shou Sugi Ban techniques during my sabbatical of solo unsupported bicycling from the Atlantic to the Pacific.


My last climb (McKenzie Pass) ran me straight into a 65 square mile lava flow. The vast field of black lava rocks got me to creating in the Shou Sugi Ban style which has morphed into may other ideas! My etsy shop (GorillaBarkStudios) showcases the coasters, spoon rests and other items.  


My passion is creating high end ultra premium items to honor our military and first responders; while at the same time, gifting as much as possible along the way.  Check out the tiger maple "come and take it" whiskey display I donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth.  It went for an impressive $7,500.  

Like my challenge coin displays but can't afford one?  Then win one instead.  Enter your email address and you will be in my monthly free drawing.  And the good news is that you are in it until you win every single month!  Better yet, get someone else to join the drawing as well and receive 10X the chances.  

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Fort Worth, Texas


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