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In a world where patriotism often takes a back seat, my whole business focuses on changing that.  It all starts with giving back to first responders and the military.  My motivation comes from one driver, the gratitude I have for those who give so much to this great nation. 

My pledge is to give as much away as possible.  This strategy aligns with my other mission which is to bring high quality offerings to this same sector; because all too often, I see DIY or poorly “made in China” products offered to our military and first responders. 

If you’re proud of your loved ones and want to honor them with something that showcases their achievements; then I say, do it with something as premium as their dedication.  


Better yet, enter my monthly drawing and win one!  Just like Ouida.  She is September’s winner who is honoring her grandson’s USMC service.  Her smile tells me how proud she is of CPL John Kevin Marshall.  

 “Semper Fi John”.  I hope you have a spectacular career in the Marines and thanks for keeping us free!

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