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Come and Take It

Come and Take It

High polish Patriotic "Come and Take IT" Flag whiskey holder with Tiger Mable frame and holders. Simply lift up to move them around. This is a museum quality custom build down to the heavy duty floating frame. Five holders are included and more can be purchased for $55 each.

This is unlike anything you have ever seen. Building takes many hours because of the pain staking detail to attention. There is a heavy amount of sanding, high end acrylic spraying (the same used in guitar and piano shops) with 20+ spray sessions, level sanding and high level buffing to a mirror image. Pistol, AR, Rifle and Shotgun holders are also being built.

Ping me if you have a special request.

Shipping is included but know that packaging cost is $300 (Airfloat System) and FedEx rate is $500. If purchased within a 3 hour drive of 76116, I will personally deliver and hang on the wall for you and refund $700 from the purchase price. Approximate build time is 2 months. Length and widths are approximate.


***NOTE*** Free Shipping is within the continental United States ONLY.  Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and APO/FPO/DPO addresses will have shipping fees. 

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