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There is nothing like the American Flag..

Great gift for any branch of service, first responder or anyone who collects challenge coins. These displays are made to a premium level that far exceeds the inexpensive "made in China" ones.  

Medals and challenge coins represent much more than a shiny object.  They represent an action or dedication toward their core principles (Respect, Courage, Service, Integrity, Loyalty & Respect); and because of this, it’s my honor to create an Ultra-Premium display they will keep a lifetime.  

If you love these premium challenge coin displays but it's not in your budget, then go to the "monthly giving section" and enter for the drawing and win one!  Enter once and your in it until you win!  You can even increase your odds ten times by referring someone else for the drawing.

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Explore the Collection

Personalizable and choose the coin placement! 

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