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the Marines were first to the beach

Sacrificing for your country has it's perks.  I made the Marine gun holder for my brother as a house warming gift to go in his gun room. I started with an actual USMC flag, fused it to wood under vacuum and then applied 40+ spray coats.  Don't get me started on the amount of sanding and buffing required to get this to an extreme shine!  The many spray sessions are required to achieve a perfectly flat surface which is required for high gloss items.  High gloss shows every little imperfection.    

And then others wanted one too.  If you have a special request, just shoot me an email.  I am always looking to turn someone's idea into the next one of a kind work of art.  Check out the Bison Whiskey Display, it's over the top. 

Marine Flag - loaded-E.jpg
Marine Flag - zoom side-E.jpg
Marine Flag - half view-E.jpg

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