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Just Finished - But Already Sold

Just finished, this will be for someone special in Florida who appreciates the "Black Beard" inspired pirate flag.  It will be used to hold high end whiskeys and showcased in an incredible bar/man cave. The Black Beard flag is edgy but very striking and perfect for a high end bar. 

premium-whiskey-display-black beard

Just Finished - But already sold

Just completed and is going to a large Llano ranch where exotic bison, zebras, elk and trophy whitetails are raised.  It will be used to hold extremely high end bourbons and often paired with great cigars. Delivery and setup is in October 2023 with pictures to follow.  Imagine this piece of art in an environment where bison have roamed for millions of years!  


Coming Soon - Scotland Royal Coat of Arms

What a great idea of creating a whiskey coat of arms from your favorite whiskey country; or better yet, use your own family crest from the many sites who can create a crest for you!

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