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it was a natural step to create in this direction

Living in Texas, I am surrounded by state and national pride. It's a sentiment that holds immeasurable value and is the glue that holds our nation together, ensuring resilience, prosperity and the preservation of the principles and freedoms we hold dear.  Core to these beliefs anchors with our military and first responders. ​My mission is to honor the people by gifting as much as possible.  Check out our "giving back" section to see it in action.  

Take Rebecca Salazar as an example.  She has had decades of service in the Texas Army National Guard and is our newest Quarterly Honoree. She is the J -1 with responsibilities of providing human resources strategic planning, integration, analysis, manpower and personnel policy oversight in order to enhance National Guard Bureau and Joint Force Headquarters initiatives, personnel readiness, operational capabilities and sustainment of the National Guard community. Thank you Rebecca for keeping us free! 

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